Monday, July 20, 2009

Some scenery

I am still struggling to learn how to run this blog machinery!
Anyway, just some dim scenery today.

Whee, which of these scenes shall I paint!?  I know, I need to paint all of them!  And if I see a lobster, I take multiple photos from as many angles as I can.  I haven't seen one in my last fifteen or twenty dives, in over a month now.

The fans are leaning over in the surge.  Waves on the surface cause the whole sea to swish back and forth.  Bigger waves, more swish.  Corals and sponges that aren't tightly attached come loose, and on an incoming tide, wash up on the beach.  That's how hurricanes do so much damage.  in one storm, I lost my favorite Orange Elephant Ear Sponge that was at 110 feet deep, 30m.  Torn right off and gone to the Deep.  Hum, now I'll have to go photograph one of these guys for you...

My Big Sponge, a Giant Barrel Sponge, in shallower water, 25 feet, eight meters.  I'll have to go find my file on this guy.  I have many photos over the years of him.  And, wow!  A fish!  Fancy that!

Oh, dear, just burnt my breakfast all to -- black while writing this.  When will I learn?

OK, see you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!  
I've been thinking about that Giant Hermit Crab, he just might be feasting on the Conch eggs.  I think I'll go move him.  There's plenty for him to eat elsewhere.  But he might just come right back!

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  1. She didn't take that one, just relocated it for a better photo.. and she doesn't take them: after all, she's in the business! I don't dive, but if I did and saw a lobster, I'd probably take it home to eat because I love fresh lobster, and shrimp, and crab, and snapper, and dolphin...