Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flat bottom, four feet deep, no coral?

Not boring at all!  Yesterday I visited a new friend, Elizabeth, who lives Out West on St Croix.  A 40 minute drive, groan. (I can always find something to complain about!!)

Elizabeth is retired and blessed with a waterfront home.  The sea is beautiful looking, but the topography is flat and seemingly featureless.

We went for a snorkel.
Wow,  a school of pretty Palometas!  They swim rapidly in loose schools.  Their black fins really set them apart.

A pair zooming by.  I took 163 photos on this half hour snorkel.  Most of them were deletes, as I couldn't see the tiny led screen on the camera, too much glare, and I was clicking away, not knowing that I was aiming too high.  I got lots of photos of the surface!  haha
You can see in the background that this place might be dull, just moosh on the bottom.

Ah, but a tiny movement caught my eye.  A Mantis Shrimp!  They usually hide in holes, shrimps are tasty, but this fellow was out cruising.  About two inches long, 5cm

Eyes up on stalks, looking up at the camera's one big eye.  Really chill designs on his back, hey?  I was having a tough time trying to keep the camera still in the current and surge.  Most of the shots I took of this guy are blurry.  Phooey!

There are several kinds of Mantis Shrimp.  They have huge 'forearms', like claws, just like the Praying Mantis insect.  I wouldn't be interested in fighting with this little  shrimp, he could rip a big hole in my finger with those razor sharp claws! Keep 'em folded up, OK?

I'm spending time with the shrimp, and Elizabeth is looking for whatever might be under there.  LOL!  She's a fish!

A nice fish with a goofy name, Porkfish.

And right up next to the edge of the water, in a foot of depth, two juvenile Permits.  I think they might be game fish, I don't know.  Anyway, nice to see them.  When they grow up, they'll be three feet long, 1m, and stay out in deep water.
I love how the sunlight sparkles on the rock bottom.  Camera doesn't!
Ah, off to my day!  Have a great day yourself!
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