Saturday, July 18, 2009

Berried Anenome?

Maybe! Maybe not!  There was one near/under My Pier before Stinkin' Lenny wrecked everything.  Grrrr!

Gads, that was an awful storm!!  You go, Bill Gates!  He's patenting something or other that brings up cool seawater from deep to kill hurricanes.  Man, I hope he succeeds!  The weather men say it'd take only a four degree temp drop to get rid of a storm.

Once the sea calms down in a couple of days, I hope, I'll get back in the water to look for this boogiewoogie.  About seven inches, 18cm, across the base.  It's in a place that has few landmarks, the shallows between Off the Wall beach bar, and The Waves hotel.  Who would dive there???  Me!
And I think I remember going in a random zigzag out to deeper water.  Ho hum!  That'll be really kewlcool if I can find this guy again.  They do move around.
BUT  the camera is broken again, this is the second housing that's had a shutter release button go limp on a dive, right after I got the photos of the Sea Pen.  It works fine now that it's dry.  But I'm not going to bother to take the stupid thing diving, and have to carry around a non functioning beast.  Next week!  I have enough photos to put here, tho'.
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