Thursday, July 9, 2009

A dim dive.

There's that horse.  I need to make a Tshirt!

A sort-of nice scene.  I was trying to take a picture of that big Dog Snapper swimming away.  Very late dive, dim light a half hour before sunset.  I'm going at noon today.

Another dim photo.  I might paint this guy's portrait.  Really dim at a half hour before sunset, hey?  The rest of these photos are much shallower.  This is about fourty feet, 13m deep.

Ah, Maise coral, or sometimes called Butterprint.  

Funny photo, a young Brrel Sponge being overgrown by a Mustard Hill coral.  Look like his fist to the right,  I'm being silly again!  And some disembodied hand to the right.

Ah, pretty pretty.  A Magnificent Featherduster (worm).  As big as my hand with my fingers stretched out wide. 

You might recognize this beastie.

And lastly, an octopus peeking out of a crevass.  Such a cutie.
OK, thanks for stopping by!

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