Saturday, July 4, 2009

Miscellaneus again---

White Star Sheet Coral.  Oh, my, such a lovely name.  I think they're beautiful the way they sometimes grow in spirals. 

.The little star shaped polyps, I don't have a better photo right here--  A tiny fish, and the stupid flash shadow.  Most underwater photographers have a setup with strobe lights that are on movable arms, attached to the camera, a bulky and delicate contraption.  I just have a little snapshot "point and click" camera.

.A French Grunt, looking bored or something.  The little cactus looking plants are not plants, they're Gorgonians of various kinds.  Corals.  
Oh, Grunts are called that because if hooked, and yanked out of the water they make grunting noises.  Yes, they're in pain.  I am amazed that scientists and people don't believe that animals, fish, even ants and bugs do not feel pain.  We're nor supposed to give creatures human feelings, maybe that's why animals and plants are treated like unliving things from the hardware store.

A Feather worm beside a Mustard Hill Coral, and algae and a red sponge and and and

.Ah, a blue picture!  I didn't have the camera's settings right.  This is what used to be a crab, but is now an Octopus's messy kitchen.  And Mr. Eel peeking out at the giant bubbling monster looking at him.   The octopus probably didn't leave him one bite.

Mr. Eel, a portrait.   They have funny little extensions on their noses, all the better for smelling dinner.

OK, I hope you're having a nice Fourth of July.  I'll be at Sylvie's. 

Thanks for stopping by!  See you Monday,

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