Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scrawled Filefish

So I was just beginning my dive, and I noticed two corals that I have in my series photos of corals that bleached in 2005. Snap, just for the record, I'll have to spend some time finding their file and moving this photo document. Not a very exciting roller coaster ride dive so far.
Oh, but look!

Movement, a Scrawled Filefish. A big one!

He was trying to hide behind the ooooing and ehhhing Do Not Touch Me Sponge, but I was easing closer and closer. "The Bubbling Monster has seen me! Eeek!"

Turning tail up, and with some camouflage coloring. I've seen them do this on other occasions. These fish are very stiff. They swim by undulating their dorsal and anal fins, and generally don't use their tails, except for turning or something.... He could almost look like a squid, or maybe a flounder.

"That didn't work, Bubbling Monster still looking at me. Better move away."

He grew pale, to match the light colored bottom. But he wasn't really afraid, I was not really this close, the photo is cropped. They do swim normally, but then often they're on their side, like this.

Ah, stop to nibble on something nice. The odd shaped head and mouth lets him get into tight places. Not a fat fish! I must be doing something right for this normally shy fish to feel free to stop and peck at a morsel.
And one last photo as he starts to go away from the big thing following him, me. Boy, this was great, to see this fish up so close, and to get some nice photos.

A friend saw one once, and said, "That's the UGLIEST fish!!" Oh. I don't think there's an ugly fish.

Beautiful colors and design. The blue in life is more vibrant. Fish with this sort of blue pattern are all called Scrawled. My dictionary says, "Poor handwriting" hahaha!
OK, all for now, Thanks for---- Hey! You say, what about that awful thing yesterday?? OK, tomorrow for sure! (I'm messing with you!)
(mean me!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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