Friday, July 3, 2009


I love how the critters fool me sometimes!  Here comes a Peacock flounder.  Zoom!  He's flying!

.I have never seen one all dressed up in gold colors.  Wow!
.Sure wish my focus had been better.  There's always a confusion between watching fish, buoyancy, and how to maneuver to get a decent photo. and being able to hold still, and the button on my camera is a little stiff.

.But wait, there's another flounder.  They are head-to-head. Or head on head.  For sure, not making babies, they're both males, I could tell by the long pectoral fins, that don't show up in my blurry photos.  Boooo.  Maybe the golden one is angry and trying to chase the other one away.  Fish really change colors with their emotions, fear, pleasure(eating) being relaxed, being competitive.
Someday, they'll invent a cap with sensors that are hooked to our eyes and the camera. THEN I'll be able to take good potographs!


 I eased closer to get another (blurry) photo
And then the fish swam a bit, and settled on the sand.  ???  Yes, there he is.  (hahaha)  I made this easy, he's right in the middle of the  picture.

Whew, this is an easier fish, a Mutton Snapper.  Big guy, maybe fifteen pounds, five kilos.  They come inshore to feed.  And I don't keep an eye out far enough ahead to see them until I've made them cautious and they swim away.  I've been told that they have a lot of curiosity.  If they aren't frightened, and if you see them soon enough, you can stop, and start digging in the sand, and they'll come right to you to see what you're doing.

OK, off to my day!  This post took only 55 minutes, I'm getting quicker,  wheeeeee.

Thanks for stopping by!

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