Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Schools today. I miss school, though I really hated it. During youth, it's a great mixing pot of people, in the USA anyway. Unless you're in an area where the rich folks send their kids to a private school. Hum, Private and Public are opposite from the British system, and they don't mix like Americans.

The above are Bluehead Wrasses, all females. The male is the namesake. I don't know where he is. I clicked something and the photo went to the side, and now I cannot make it go back to the center. Owell!

Down deep, a small school of Horse Eye Jacks. Every few seconds one will flip onto his side, and flash silvery in the sunlight.

The Jacks on down, behind the little Brown Chromis.

Back up in the shallows. Sometimes Blue Tangs get together in a feeding mob. Power in groups, they mow over the reef. Too many for the little territorial Damsel fish to be able to protect their little gardens. Other fish mix in with the Tangs, Doctorfish, and Surgeonfish. It is impossible, for me anyway, to get any closer to these schools. They are aware of The Bubbling Monster, and keep just ahead of me.

Squid. Lots of them. There are three or four kinds of Squid on the reef, I'm not sure which these are. They keep a distance, also. Bubbling Monster. I don't blame them! I'd like some way to divert my exhaust breath to the back of my head. I've heard that the fish aren't quite so frightened of that system. Plus the noisy bubbles wouldn't go right past my ears. Noisy, noisy bubbles. I was so disappointed when I first started diving, at the noise.

Squids usually line up in a row. They swim gracefully undulating their side fins. They go both ways, forward and backwards. If they need to flee, they go big-end first, here it'd be to the left. If I'd frightened them, they'd turn pale, and be gone, maybe leaving puffs of ink.

OK, have a good day, and thanks for stopping by!


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