Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Big Bitie

The guy with the TEETH. And Barracudas have the grouchiest of expressions, you could believe they haven't slept or eaten in a week!

Almost always they do the same thing, come for a look, and then turn and go away. This fellow was about a meter, three feet long. They get to six feet, two meters, but by then, they live out in the open sea or ocean. Or in very remote Islands. They don't really enjoy Human's company. I'm respectful, not afraid, of them. I do keep an eye on them.

I saw him, or rather, he came to look at me on my way out, and then again on my way back.
.Hey, Ray. A Southern Ray. See the pit just behind him? They form a vacuum with their edges, wings and nose, and kind of whooomph up and dow, sand swirling all around. This way, they catch critters that live in sand for a meal. Snails, clams, worms, even some fish.
His wings were all aflutter, probably because of my approach

.I glided lower, to get a better photo angle. His head is down, maybe munching on something. Their mouth is right under their eyes. Their cooks don't have to worry about visual appeal while preparing dinner!

.Ah, well, didn't like me, bye bye!

.And awayyy he goes!

.Aha, another ray. This one is young, about fifteen inches across the 'wing span'. The previous ray was about umm, three feet across. They get to five feet in diameter. I've seen one that was every bit that big, he looked like a living dinosaur!

Slow and easy approach, but they both must have been chased by other scuba divers.. Owell. The minute they take off, I turn away and go off in a different direction. There's no way to catch up with even the slowest of sea cratures, except a seahorse, maybe.
OK, all for today! Get this online before I get distracted by the homeplace. I haven't fed my Guppies yet, nor watered all the plants. Have a great day, and enjoy everything you can. I'm a lot happier when I remember to always do that.

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  1. "The guy with the TEETH".

    A piranha, yes?

  2. Ha, thanks for that. The fish is a Barracuda. Piranhas live in fresh water, rivers.