Friday, July 24, 2009

Miscellaneous, again

Funny how, if you have a digital camera, and take hundreds of photos at a time, and accumulate thousands of photos, you always want new, fresh photos.  Am I the only one?
Mr. Squirrelfish.  If I'd used a flash, there would be no natural shadow under the fish.  Or light on the outside of his pectoral fin, or on top of his tail(caudal fin).

He displays his other side, and a better shadow, as he prepres to dart away.  An "action shot"?
Note the yellowish dorsal spines.  The Longspine Squirrelfish is distinguised by white markings on each spine.  Details, details.
Longspine Squirrelfish for your viewing pleasure.  Taken with a flash, spot in his eye.  Wierd flash shadow behind, but I don't use strobes on arms, which make strobe shadows.  These fish aren't always this red, changing with time of day, and environment.  Sometimes very pale when over sand.

Scenery with sponge and fish.

Scenery with sponge and sponge.

Scenery with Gorgonians of a different kind.

Scenery with my favorite Gorgonian of all the Gorgonians.  Hum, blue picture.

Funny Barrel Sponge, triangle shape, and full of Fire Coral.  Perhaps it's grown up amongst this Fire coral, hence the ?? mouthfull of Fire coral.  Ooo, that would hurt!
Sponges are tough mean guys, rather poisonous.  So, not a wimp who will avoid Fire Coral.  Like me,  I am a wimp!  I avoid Fire Coral because it's well named.  You KNOW when you've bumped into it.  But the burning sensation usually goes away in a few minutes.  And you shouldn't bump into anything, anyway.

Another Barrel Sponge, peeping out from under some -- where's my book?--- Some Siderastrea sidera  also named Massive Starlet Coral.  This kind of coral turns blue with stress.  And it's looking like a stress summer, the water's too warm, and I've already seen a bit of bleaching, ugh.
Have a great day, the moon is new, that nasty eclipse is over with, lots of car wrecks here then, and we can get on with Life.  
I just might go someplace for the next Total Eclipse, I want to experience one.  "They say" it's really grand, seeing the Moon inside the Corona. and the stars come out, and it's like a 360 degree sunset around the horizon.  I think it's in June next year, the path of totality crossing the South Pacific.  Hmm, a long trip, and I don't enjoy flying.
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  1. How bout a pic of the new moon?