Monday, July 13, 2009

Empty Sand

No, sand isn't empty at all.  Here's an adventure, I think I'll do a mini series about sandy places.  This area of sand is about twenty feet deep, 7m.  And is fairly large, five acres?  Ten?  25 hectares.  I don't really know, but I've never seen another diver there.
.A Peacock Flounder, pale in the white sand.  The BBM, Big Bubbling Monster, was too much for him, he ran away just after I snapped this photo. 
I used to eat northern flounder, tasty!  Haven't seen it in the store for a while, Haliut.  I'll have to go check the Fish List to see if they're threatened.
But you can't really eat these guys.  They are about one inch, two cm thick, and ALL bones.  Whew at the bones.  I ate reef fish back in my dark ages when I was first in the Caribbean, in the early 1980's.  Rays are the tastiest fish, and Conch, I could eat conch every day.  But no more.  I cannot happily eat my pets.

Some Queen and Milk Conch crawling around.  This little population has been here for years.  There aren't any young ones.  Wonder why?

Mr. Barracuda, gone by.  I usually only notice them once they've turned and are leaving.  Good thing they don't bite scuba divers!  Or snorkelers.  Or swimmers.  Or me!!

All the little bent wire looking things are Garden Eels.  They retreat down into the holes they live in when a Big Bubbling Monster (me) comes along.  Oh, and there's a Smooth Trunkfish, making a crater in the sand, seeking a meal.

Saw me, and is on guard.  I'll go slow or slower.  Such a cute fish.

He chooses his spot

And starts blowing away.  Puff, puff, puff.  I didn't catch an image of all the sand puffing up as he works.
Up he goes, I think he's just too nervous about me hovering nearby.  I would be, too!
And awayyyy he goes.  The tail, caudal fin, is just used for maneuvering, unless he must dart away from a predator.  They paddle, flap those upper and lower fins for propulsion.  Funny fish, they're triangular shaped, and a flat as can be on the bottom.
Long ago in the film days, I would get out of the water and go straight to the One Hour place to get my film processed.  Once, as I was looking through the pictures, and had them all over the counter, the Island girl who worked there exclaimed, "That one is my favorite fish!  They're really good stuffed with rice!"
On that cheerie note, I'll leave you now, and see how my day goes.  Choices, choices.  I'm in an online class about having a mailing list.  Hum.  Have success yourself, in your endeavors!
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