Friday, June 19, 2009

Three hundred fifty three photos in an hour and a half

What is there to see in only twelve feet depth?? Lots. Here's a smeary, out of focus Sharpnose Pufferfish.. They are bite sized, but instantly gulp enough water that the just about triple in size, so the diner spits them right back out. My camera, I shoot on automatic, didn't see the same things on this dive that I did. Owell!

.A pair of Foureye Butterflyfish. I couldn't get a shot of when they decided something about the top of my head looked interesting. Several times they swam right up to me, or rather the top of my head. These fish have done that to me on other dives. Maybe my hair looks like algae?

.Aha! A big Porcupinefish! I must go very slowly and carefully so I can get some photos of this fellow. You just don't see them out swimming around very often. Or as big as this one is.

.I SEE you! He didn't run away, but I couldn't get very close, either. They do watch divers.

.He sure can look down, hey? He went casually along, keeping me at a certain distance, and inspecting the bottom for things to eat. His eye in this image looks so funny!

.I was swimming along so slowly, more like floating like a bunch of seaweed, that these Blue Tangs came right under me. They're usually very shy. They munch off the bottom, also. This area is rock bottom with fine silt and fuzzy stuff about an inch thick, 3cm.

. Hey, finally a decent picture. But his eye isn't "perfect", looking down.again. These fish swim by flopping their fins side to side.

OK! finally a rather boring "ID" sort of pose. This fish is about two feet, 60 cm long, a fairly big fellow, although 'the book says' they can reach three feet, 92cm.
If you need to convert measurements, type your numbers, "3 feet to cm" up in the search window. Bingo, the answer! This works for all the measurement computations I've needed, temperture, weight, etc. I'm a 'wannabe' scientist, so I need to have a feel for metric. Plus the whole world uses metric.
OK, off to my day. Thanks for stopping by!

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