Sunday, June 7, 2009

Arrow Crab

"Why did I take two shots of this?" I asked myself.  Then I saw the large Arrow Crab right in the middle of the picture.  The first time I saw one of these, I was hanging out on the little dock at the Antigua Yacht Club, about five lifetimes ago.  A little bunch of sticks MOVED!  Wow!  Often you only see a critter if it moves.

Here's a cropped image, he's easier to see.  I guess about three inches, seven or eight cm.  They are fragile and small, but they can give a good pinch with those claws.  I don't have a decent photo of a face, very grouchy looking.

I must have gotten a speck of sand in the camera's button, as the problem showed up after I'd been on that beach with the powder fine sand.  We'll see Monday.  Why do things break on Friday afternoons??

And days, I think I'll take Sundays off, see if I can stand to not turn on this computer.  OK, thanks for stopping by!

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