Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Pier

Schools of tiny fish hang around the pilings near the surface.

Sometimes they swim beside the pier.  I don't know why the camera saw them as black, they're silvery.

.Here's an odd thing.  I think it's an egg mass.  It didn't move.  Near the end of the pier, there are sometimes deepwater creatures  The bottom is about 45 feet depth, 15m.

Looking down along the Submarine Fender.  Before the Vieques-USNavy fight about the bombing range on that little island, 50 miles NE of St Croix, there used to be a lot of military activity in the area.  St Croix was visited by Navy ships from many countries.  And the submarines could tie up to the pier using this long rubber bumber thing.  It looked like a wide wide tire, before it became covered with growth.  
But the Vieques folks won, and the big Navy installation in Roosevelt Roads, Puert Rico closed, and the sonar testing and calibrating range north of St Croix is no longer used. 
The little fish called Seargent Majors love it, tho, and lay their eggs there.

.Down on the bottom, under the pier.  This is a Sharptail Eel, searching for a meal.  Don't get scared, it's only a photograph, and besides their mouths aren't big enough to bite a gigantic diver.  These eels get about as big around as my thumb. 

.He almost totally ignored me, as usual for this creature.  I followed him around for a few minutes.

.Seargent Major fish, and grunts, and other fish and critters crowd around any rubble under the pier.  I've always wanted to make big sculptures to put under the pier, but I have no idea how to go about doing that.  A ten foot high mermaid, a fifteen foot long seashell, and of course, a sculpture of Neptune!

And one more sponge picture.  OK!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WOW, I got a crush on you. Please don't ever put a pic of yourself on this site-- I got my own idea and don't want to be disillusioned.

    Knowledge, taste, talent, and willing to share all this with the rest of us. Again, WOW!