Wednesday, June 3, 2009


How about a few anchors, from old sailing ships?  These first two are in Cane Bay, on the north side of St. Croix.  This one is standing up in about twenty four feet, seven meters of depth.  It's well stuck there, or someone would have stolen it from the sea to put beside their driveway.  Not good, they rust away to nothing within a year, they're so impregnated with salt.

This anchor is really big, and in very shallow water, seventeen feet, five meters.  I don't know the history of these, wish I did.
This anchor is very special.  It is in about thirteen feet, four meters, right in the entrance of Salt River Bay.  It's thought to be from Columbus's ship. 

Christopher Columbus sailed here from the other Virgins, and couldn't tell that he was seeing the side of a rather long, narrow island.  He thought this bay could be a river, where he could get fresh water.  He was sorely disappointed, and named it Salt River. And further, he was attacked by the none too friendly Carib Indians who lived here.  Maybe the Indians knew something!

Not many people know where this anchor is.  Actually, for diving, it's a bit risky, because it's in such shallow water, and boats go right over, coming and going from the marina and bay.  And the current during tidal changes can be strong.

I have another photo, somewhere, of an anchor I found at 90 feet deep, 30 meters, near here that no one seems to know about.  I'll be looking for that image and will post it when I find amongst my thousands of images.  Digital photography can promote excesses.  This new camera that I have, a little SeaLife, on low resolution can hold 26,000  images!!  Amazing!  I don't think I'll take that many on a dive---

OK, sorry I was late today.  It's been raining, and I just want to sleep.  Thanks for stopping by!

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