Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More choirs

Hum. The photo in comparison to what I've painted so far. I paint until I cannot see. This kind of blindness is weird, and unexplainable. A pest, for sure. And this makes me want to start all over. I guess I should add a fish. Grrrr. Maybe the tail of one swimming away, up in the right corner. Add movement to the composition! lol
I think I'll make a color chart to take along diving! Is this thing Cadmium Yellow, or Raw Sienna, or Raw Umber?? The blue of the sea distorts colors, and makes underwater photography nearly or completely impossible.
More choirs, they're everywhere! Sometimes they even try to climb on top of corals. I guess they're like the Methodists that try to out-sing each other. (old joke, sorry!)

OK, off with me to go do chores; flea stuff for the cat, bank, fill scuba tanks, collect mail, and etc.
Thanks for stopping by!

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