Monday, June 22, 2009


A Yellowtail Hamlet.  A second late clicking the shutter.  Some people manage to take a photo just before a critter moves.  Not me!
A 'teenage' Beaugregory.  As this fish ages, he will turn more brown until there's only a hint of yellow.  The young juveniles are blue where the brown is on this fish.  Getting old is the pits.
.Holes!  This must be a sponge, an Orange Elephant Ear  Sponge.  They can get quite large.  They grow wide and flat, rather like a pancake gone wrong.  I think  the largest ones I've seen were six feet, 2m, across, and about six inches thick, 15cm., on a steep dropoff.  It did resemble an elephant's ear.

A burrow in the sand.  Who might live here?  I must look ahead more often as I move along.

A Yellowhead Jawfish.  Crummy name for a really beautiful little fish.  They sometimes live in little groups, if the sandy bottom is good for digging their burrows.  They swim vertically up from their hole, and can drop, tail first, right back down to safety amazingly quickly.  They're not just white with the yellow head, they're pearlecent, just like mother of pearl.
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