Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday, and Brains on Snrokeling

.Ah, a sunny day!  And a pretty snorkeling swim!
I don't have my ID book at hand, so I can only say that this is a common sort of brain coral.  With a purple Sea Fan nearby.

.They look so solid, even though perched on a chasm.

.Go around to the other side for a surprise, not a round ball after all.  Happy little fish, young Goat Fish.  And a Spiny Urchin or two, hiding down in crevasses.

.I really love the patterns of coral.  This photo was taken as a cloud went overhead.  When the sun comes back out, the dazzling light makes the camera very unhappy, but he tries.

.Brain and buddy Sea Fan.  The fan has shaped itself to the coral, scraping back and forth in the surge.

.OK, have to include one fish anyway.  Totally weird, hey?  A White Spotted File Fish.  They change colors, sometimes showing white polka dots all over, when they're in the mood. I'll have to go dig through and find one like that for a future post.  Weird fish.

And some more scenery, another brain near an Elkhorn coral.  Elkhorn and staghorn, a small spiky coral, have been put on the Endangered List.  I think all the Oceans and Seas and everything in them should be on the Endangered List.

OK, Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Everything on Endangered List, except Tuna, Ocean Perch, Swordfish, etc. Gotta have fresh ocean fish.

  2. Yes, I enjoy eating fish, also.

    Check this out:

  3. Thanks much for the montereybay link. I noticed on the 'Alternative' (approved) list the Lake Erie Walleye. Never had that, but I guarantee the walleye in Canada above Lake Superior is the best tasting fresh water fish in the world. YUMMMMMMMMY!