Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pier from Dry

This is the Fredriksted Cruise Ship Pier. It's huge, takes me eight minutes to walk to the end, on top. I think a snorkel to the end without stopping would be at least twenty minutes. They don't allow people out there when a ship is here, but that's only a few days a year. Fourteen million dollars to build a great dive site! You can see the two 'dolphins' in the water. Not Dolphin-porpoises, or fish, but the structures that little ships tie to to use the roll on-roll off ramp, that you can't really see in this photo.

The pretty waterfront park. I didn't think to take a photo of the street, I might do that next time. Not very crowded on a Friday afternoon.

OK, I'm working on the next post. A little late this morning.


  1. Beautiful shot of the park. I believe the correct spelling of the pier is 'Frederiksted'.
    I'm gonna catch one of those cruise ships soon maybe. I'm crazy about Carribbean sea food and will try Bacchus and Duggan's Reef.

  2. LOL, I've lived here for twenty years, and left out that 'e'. It feels like a scifi movie, when there's a change, and the hero says, "Wha??" But I am terribly dyslexic. An amazing problem if you do have it, and incomprehensible if you don't. FredEriksted. Hmmm. Thanks for pointing that out. Now you let go of the extra 'r'!

    The Caribbean is fished out, for you seafood lovers. On your menu, the Catch of the Day is probably frozen fish from Peru, Vietnam, or Honduras. No joke. Go see the new movie, The End of the Line"

    How about 'Prosopagnosia"? I suffer that badly, also. Horrible for social situations, and terrible for living where there is a constant flow of visitors.

    Duggan's Reef has fabulous food!(if you can afford it!!) Haven't eaten at Bacchus. I like the La Reine Chicken Shack for true Caribbean (heart attack, diabetic) tasty Island food. Villa Morales, YUM!! Bombay Club, and Case Place and Brew Pub, Johnny Mangoe's, and soon to open, Seini's Place. And many others.

    I'm still amazed. FredERiksted. Hum.

  3. "Prosopagnosia". Everyone (except me) has some kind of disorder. If I had to choose, I would pick prosopagnosia over just about anything else.
    So consider yourself lucky.

  4. Late because it's a long ride...hmmm. P's begin at 9, so 3 hours to get to F'Sted? I don't think so.....