Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking around

Just a few scenery images this morning, I need to go get some more pictures. Rediculous! Photography is limitless, or a bottomlless pit, I'm not sure which!




Ah, remember, these are animals! Not bushes and trees. They grow slowly, polyp by polyp. This candelabra thing (I don't have my book handy!) is about a foot tall, 30 cm, and might be twenty years old, or older. I'll have to mark some of these guys and take their portraits every couple of months.
On land, say, when a bit of land is cleared, the weeds grow right up. Not so under the sea. It's taken me years to really put into my mind that these things are not plants.
All for this a.m. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Milissa--- As someone who hangs onto everything you put up on this blog, I am extremely disappointed that you have no entry for today, Wednesday, June 24th.

    What happened?

  2. Oops, sorry! I'll just go with one day off, one predictable day, so that'll be Sunday, my time, here in the Caribbean. I have a friend in Maylasia right now, and she's in a different day, and nighttime when I'm morning. So, OK, I'll be good, and post six days a week, and then not on my Sundays.

    I spent most of yesterday in Christiansted waiting for the mail, then FedEx, or then the UPS man to deliver my new collection of Coleus, colorful plants. No show, and that 'plum wore me out!"

    OK, hum, maybe those little blue fishes today----

    Thanks for your comment! Really.