Saturday, June 13, 2009

Frederksted waterfront, Strand Street

This is NORMAL!!! No people, no cars! Not even Sunday morning, this was photographed on a Friday morning.

Haha, just thought I'd steal this from the Palletter's blog. I got there too late to paint with everyone, 11:30am. They knock off at noon. It is an hour's drive from my house. Excuses, excuses.

Pretty town.

OK, see you Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You're right! I haven't painted in my studio since the show. Don't know why.

    I'll go out West and take my own photo, and stop using yours, Commander! Not nice of me to post yours without asking. Nice composition. I have trouble making street scenery look nice.

  2. Late because it's a long ride...hmmm. P's begin at 9, so 3 hours to get to F'Sted? I don't think so.....

    You're right again!

    I hate to whine and moan and complain. "Laugh, and the World laughs with you."

    The real reason that I dawdle and don't show up to paint with everyone might be my deafness. I see everyone chatting and having a good time, and I'm left out because it's all pantomime, without gestures, to me. I can only hear a tiny part of what's said.

    I don't know most of what someone says to me. I cannot hear, and even when I say, "I cannot hear you" they keep right on wiggling their mouth. I pretend to hear, smiling. And then they get a look on their face, and go away, because I haven't answered correctly. Or in a group, I interrupt rudely because I have no idea if someone is talking. Lunch with everyone is miserable. I sit there and get more and more lonely.

    I drove by all of you, and was hit with a horrid emptiness in my gut, like when you're a teenager and you see your sweetheart walk away with someone else. I drove away and stopped by the beach on the edge of town and cried for a little while. Then I went and drank fattening beer because it makes me feel better.

    People that I know are beginning to say to me, "You're always reading" Yes, I can hear the conversations in books. I go to restaurants for lunch to be around people, and I sit over there and read. I live by myself and alone and I get lonely.

    And please don't sneer and casually tell me to get a hearing aid. I've had two, the second one cost four thousand dollars, for one ear. The other ear has such distorted perception that it's hopeless for an aid. Both times, the hearing aids made me deafer. They make EVERYTHING louder, to the point of pain sometimes. The Harley roaring by, that hurts without amplfication, the sharp clatter of dishes and flatware. The worst is laughter that's ten times the decibels of conversation.

    My loss is in the Cochlea, the spiral 'bone' that has the microscopic hairs. They've been mostly knocked down. So if sound is amplified, more of the hairs are knocked down, broken.

    This injury happened suddenly, when I caught a head cold visiting my mother long ago for Christmas. I finally went to an ear-nose-throat Dr. He said, "I can't believe your eardrums haven't burst from the pressure!" When the medicine worked, and my ears popped a day later, instantly there was loud screaming noise inside my head that's been getting worse as time goes by. How I would love silence!!!!

    I don't hear birds singing, or waves on the beach, or music. Just loud noise. I know it's raining by smell.

    I don't have a radio or anything to hear music, except the radio that came with my car. I leave it off most of the time because it just makes scratching noises that sometimes hurt my head. I have to turn it up to '37' if I do want to try to listen.

    Driving for an hour gets boring and lonely, I'm getting so that I stay home more and more. And being on the edges of a happy group is depressing.

    There are implants now, still in developmental stages. $250,000 to do one ear. And it might not work.

    O poor me. Pity Party over and done, I have some gardening that need doing.

    See ya next time I see ya!

  3. "I feel like a teenager who sees her sweetheart walk away with someone else..."

    I don't believe that for one minute. Who would walk away from someone so smart and with such a marvelous sensibility for all the beauty in the world?

    Mellisa, now do a camera shot of the moonrise over St Thomas (or does the moon rise over Anguilla?) so I can dream we are sitting there together watching the scene. YEAH!

  4. The moon rises over the eastern end of St Croix. And I'll be sure to not include me in the image, so you can keep your dream of what I look like.

  5. First, feel free to use my pix... I've posted them on the blog knowing that they can be copied.
    Second, sorry I hit a nerve. I don't know what I'd do in your situation; probably I'd become a loner. My husband worked around big machinery so many years that he has a severe hearing loss as well as constant ringing in his ears, so I understand about the hearing aid.