Sunday, May 31, 2009


 OK, Why is my title "Choir"?  Because that's what I feel when I see sponges like this group of Yellow Tube sponges.  Sponges are filter feeders.  They have cells that whip seawater in through their sides, and the waste water exits out of the big holes, after food has been captured by the sponge.  There are actually measurable currents coming out of each of those holes.

I know you're not supposed to -- what's the word for humanize?  You're not supposed to give alien creatures human characteristics, but with a bunch like this it's so much fun.  I can see them as a group of little people, or maybe like an old fashioned pipe organ, each singing his/her own note, sound.  The bigger ones are the bass singers, "Ooooooooooo"  another bass is singing. "Ahhhhhhhhh"  Then there are the two leaning on each other, they're a little off key because they were having a bit of a drink before coming to practice.  Then there are the twins, with the same high quavering "Ohhh!", but it's rather soft and breathy.

And the guy over on the far right has a cold, and should have stayed home.

And two in front that have stepped forward are a tenor and a soprano, each trying to sing the loudest.

OK, just for fun. I'd like to paint these guys by themselves, but I guess I'll have to put a fish in there  someplace. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Perfect title! I'll never snorkel over a bunch of these again without thinking of them as a choir!