Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OK, one hour---

One Hour Stoplight
16x12 inches Acrylic on stretched canvas
Here we go! I've decided to see if I can do a painting a day in one hour. That's why this one is such a mess! And the colors are brighter than they are in this post, my photography needs bettering, also. If I manage to discipline myself on this task, I should improve quickly. I don't finish paintings if I get too 'perfectionisty'.

I don't really have very many photos of Stoplight Parrotfish. They're on the menu here, so there are too few of them, and they flee from divers. I keep thinking that I should make a quick trip to Bonaire to photograph fish. Although Grand Turk would be better, because they have real parks with no fishing. Easier diving in Bonaire. GT requires a boat ride, and they would make me stay with the group, few photos that way.

OK, thanks for stopping by!

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