Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another slide show!

The slideshows are fun, but time consuming to set up, mostly because I don't (yet) know how to do photos in 'batch'.

This picture is of rope sponges, and a red boring sponge that's consuming the round M cavernosa coral. The kind of coral that "Looks like olives!" one lady accurately said.

I laughed when I discovered that there are boring sponges. I never thought about it, but sponges are rather boring when you have to wash something. I love the English language, and am SO glad it's my first language! I know bits of other languages, and they're so much simpler.

The fish all left as I approached this place, a bug-eyed, glaring, noisy, bubble-snorting alien. I dove one time with a rebreather, which recycles your breath instead of expelling it. No bubbles, quiet diving! The fish think you're a deformed turtle, and behave totally differently, they ignore you. But the gear is too complicated and high tech for me, booo.

OK, now to go off and post the slideshow for you! I'm getting back into my blog here, as the sea is warming, and I'm in it some. Maybe I'll go someplace warm next winter for a few months.

Thanks for stopping by!

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