Friday, May 15, 2009

The Palletteers

On Friday mornings, a group of Open Air (Plein Aire) painters gets together in different places around St Croix. Sometimes a resort or sometimes a private home.

In the winter months, there are as many as thirty of us, but then summer comes, and a lot of folks go north for summer there, and we are only four or five.

I like summer here. The weather is much milder, the sea calmer, and the cooling sea breeze is nice. Much more pleasant that where my USA friends live, with their 100 degrees in the shade and horrendous thunderstorms. Of course, every so often we do have a rotten weather day, or night, and it takes months to recover... I'm almost getting accustomed to that.

If you want to see what we paint, the blog is:

And I cannot just write, so here are some photos for you. I've been gardening instead of painting lately, bad me. The building is a Great House, a residence back when there were sugarcane plantations here.

OK, and a fish, a Redstripe Parrotfish. These fellows change colors and patterns as much as any fish. Sometimes they're vivid green, and the fins are so red that it's difficult to believe. But when you try to get a photo, they get nervous, and dull down. Yes, thtis image is a little over photo shopped, but not much.

And some scenery. Where are the fish???
OK, off to paint something in downtown Christiansted with the L.O.L.'s. Thanks for stopping by!

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