Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forget the "One Hour"!

Here's an octopus crawling around in water less that three feet, one meter deep. Crispy bright sun rays dancing on the sand.

I gently followed him/her for a half hour, as she/he foraged, stopping at each likely looking rock to feel all around underneath for a crab or some other tasty morsel.

An Octopus must have a different brain from me, they can keep track of each of eight tenticles at the same time! Poor guy, girl, didn't find anything to eat by the time I went on my way.

There are two common kinds of Octopi in the Caribbean, one is nocturnal, the other diurnal, daytime active.

I'll keep the splatter paintings for the Friday Plien Air group that I paint with. I look at that last mess I posted and do not wonder that I lost a follower. This blog is not for to be a diary.

This computer is clogged up with I don't know what(my fault, adding security) and is either slowwwwww or just plain stuck.

I finally went for a snorkel yesterday, and the water was bearable. Warming, I mean.

OK, I'll have something for you in a day or two.

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