Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whew. and more...Srum?? ACEO??

I'm still trying on new pictures for my title background, stay tuned!  I'll keep this  strip photo in mind the next time I go diving, and see if I can find a wide, narrow view, good new thinking. 

I read that I should have a logo.  That'd be easy, as soon as I go back through my hunderds of paper photos and find that one of that fish...  Back when I had a film camera, I was on a dive seeking one sort of sponge to photograph.  I noticed a fish that seemed to be following me, a Grey Snapper.  I'd poke along for a few minutes, look back, and there was the fish, a few feet behind me.  After a half hour or so, the fish was still there.  "Oh, OK," I thought-said to him, "I'll take your picture."  I focussed and clicked, and the fish, I swear, seemed to smile, then turned and slowly swam away.  I just wish my old film photos were sharper focus and brighter and nearly as good as my digitals.

I got started this blog because I discovered the 'daily painting' movement.  I actually thought I could paint a small image of a fish every day, or one coral or one scene.  I still have over two hundred little canvasses sitting there, "We're waiting!" Ha.

  And now, reading another blog, (  written by a fabric artist, I discover this word SCRUM which has to do with finishing small projects that are components of larger projects, a way of working started by software people who have to really be productive on the leading edge of their profession.  I cannot imagine the energy in a small software developing company!  One important part is to test and finish each bit then move on.  I'll have to begin using that thinking.  The only half finished projects that are OK are my garden plants that take their time growing!

And ACEO, Artist's Cards, Editions and Originals.  Strictly 2.5x3.5 inches, oh, what's that in cm?  I'm teaching myself Metric.  So that's, haha!, 6.35x8.89cm.  ACEO's are supposed to be for trading, like Baseball Cards.

Funny numbers.

And no bloglist on the side of this blog.  So much to do and learn!

I am determined to finish another painting today, one of the unfinished ones, and also to see about getting some blank cards, 6.35x8.89cm.  Ha!  funny numbers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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