Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It helps me, motivates me, to see works in progress on this blog. My reaction is, "Eeek! Paint paint paint! Forget the lawn and dishes!" Oh, the round thing one is destined to be a very round coral. I am starting to take photos of ball-shaped corals.

Grooved Brain Coral
Great Star Coral
(Yes, it is this green!)
Massive Starlet Coral
and friends
I included my latest abstract, bottom right corner. I paint as many of them as the realistic pictures. They tell me my moods, and maybe my direction in life. This one seems to say I'm in a nice but vaguely defined place now, but coming is a big change where there will be a completely new and different life. When I look at this abstract, I feel like I'm sliding sideways, to move up and out to a place where the ground is very energetic and definite.
The sky is blazing with pure Sun energy. And the path widens to a huge, soaring field.

Or, if I look at it as the yellow and orange being in the foreground, hmmm...

And then, this morning, just as the sun was coming up, I had one of my dreams.

I dreamed I was in my garden, and was about to harvest a huge crop from a big and wonderful plant that I'd carefully grown. I was going to enter the county fair. I knew I'd win. But the fruit had changed, to my surprise, to spiney seed pods of a poisonous Nightshade!

In the dream, I went on down the path, and a small tree that I'd neglected had beautiful big juicy plums on it. The little tree was in bad shape. I looked closely, and saw that it wasn't dying, that it would flourish with care and attention. I picked three nice plums and was carrying them to the fair, once again knowing that I had a winner, because plums don't grow here. A little girl stopped me and asked, "What are plums?"

Haha, I love my dreams!

And I should put a link in this blog to my abstracts blog. When I take a break from painting and ignoring the lawn that is creaking and groaning it's growing so fast...

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  1. I hang printing proofs all around in my studio along with overstock and rejects leftover from the recent festivals. When I have to look at them every day, I often realize what went wrong or what's right about a photo. And, like you, sometimes seeing the unfinished motivates me to work.