Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Starts

I've just read, again, about a discipline called "Notan" that is beginning a picture by drawing or painting in stark black and white, extreme contrast.  I guess someone dislikes bland, shadowless art.  So, I think I might play with this some.  I'll begin another blog soon using these black and white ones for an online, downloadable, free coloring book.  Hmm, the little lines are supposed to be two fish, they'll eventually look like fish---I hope.

This kind of coral, Grooved Brain Coral, is so beautiful.  I am having trouble capturing it's filigree prettiness.  Keep trying!  I was going to put some color on this one, but the paint isn't dry, and I was smudging it all over, booooo.  I wish I could paint for six, eight , ten hours a day, but my eyes can't take it.  It's like I cannot see after a while.

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