Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Musings

Oh poor me, I must run errands today, instead of sit home!  haha.  My wall clock quit, it's easy to lose hours on the www when you don't have a big time-beast staring at you from above the computer.  And I forgetfully left my cell phone in the big plastic box that I put my dive gear in after a dive.  The phone drowned in just a wee little bit of seawater. 

I started two paintings last night of sponges, one purple, one dark yellow.  I guess a non-diver would think me nuts to say I'm digging around under the kitchen sink for sponges to paint!

I'm starting to feel like something.  For so long, thinking that I am an artist, only drawing and painting in my head, I've felt empty and useless.  Maybe eventulally I'll be able to say I'm an artist when someone asks, "What do you DO?"  I learned early that many people sneer and cut if I dare say, "I'm an artist.".  I'll have to go by The Formula, and be able to prove myself by having business cards, a brochure, and find a gallery or two to represent me.  New York, London and, ??  Tokyo?  Singapore?  Hmm, where are the 'now' hotspots?  Yes, I think big.  Although I'm reading that Globalization is slowing and even reversing some.  That's good, I don't want to be in the USA every place I go.

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