Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finished or not?

8 x 10"
Oil on stretched canvas
This is a Queen Angel fish, and a cactus coral. I think the fish looks like he's hiding behind a frisbee, but who am I to say? I may lighten the background some, I don't want to do any dark, creepy scenes, and try to make the coral look like it's not spinning through space. Nothing fits in this composition yet.
I've made another blog with the cumbersome name of "Coral Reef Paintings by Melissa Evangeline Keyes" I will, in the next few weeks, be going commercial. Meaning I'll start selling these little paintings. I've bought myself a house, an old one, and it's going to be a real money gobbler for a while! I think I'll keep this blog for my whining and groaning and half finished paintings. For a while, anyway.
I'll put a link here to the other blog, and I'll advertise. OK, cheerio, until I'm here again! Thanks for stopping by!

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