Monday, August 18, 2008

Acrilics 'Go Bag'

I recently bought Da Vinci acrylics, the liquid kind in squirty bottles. I keep them in this bag, so I can either paint in my studio, or take them someplace to paint plein air. The Ampersand board and brushes need a better compartment, I'll figure that out soon. There's a coffee can with the snap lid for water, but I'm not happy with that. I'm looking for a replacement. There are zipper parts of this little bag that I don't use---yet. I can take this in the car, and paint in my lap, easy!

Funny, the big art supply companies have "portable" gear, but it's all awkward and a pest to use. With this, as with my oils-in-a-box, (in an earlier post, scroll down) I have made my gear much more simple and easier to use and control.

I'm wondering if, once I become accustomed to the fast drying acrylics, if I'll give up the slow drying, complicated, poisonous oils? Maybe, although I'm such a romantic.

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