Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two finished paintings

Porquepine Fish over a Barrel #1
8 X 10"
Oil on stretched canvas

This fellow was hanging out above the coral and the barrel sponge. Usually they hide under a ledge and peek fearfully out at you. They look like cuddly teddy bears with those big round eyes.

Porquepine fish over a barrel, #2
oil on stretched canvas
8 X 10"
Another view, from one of the eight photos I took. I try to get as many images as I can when I get an opportunity like this. But I always stop and turn and swim away when the fish becomes nervous about my presence and attention.

Puffers are all shy. They must get tired of cowering in dark places, and so come out to enjoy just being up in the water. This fish and his relatives are the fish that the Japanese serve as "Fugu", a slightly hallucinogenic dish. Puffers have also been found to be the source that Voodoo doctors in Haiti use to make people into zombies. One bite too much, and you'll go into a coma, or die! Please pass me the peas!

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