Monday, May 12, 2008

Non-reef paintings done lately.

Title, "You missed the Boat!" Watercolor on Arches 300 lb paper, 29x22 inches, 56x71 centimeters

As I was painting this one, Plein Air on the beach, struggling to paint a straight line for the horizon, a big white Deep Sea fishing boat zoomed by.

I know you stop by here to see fish and coral. The new housing for the new camera didn't come with a major part- the place in front that the lense fits into. ???

I just discovered this yesterday and had a fit, as I was on my way to dive and get fresh perspective and paintable underwater scenery photos. So, once I get done here, it's onto the phone and internet to try to get more bits for the camera so I can take the beast underwater. In the meantime, some topside watercolors, and some of my oil abstracts, and a photo or two.

"Jungle Home Aieeee!" Plein Air Watercolor, on Arches 300 lb paper 22x28 inches, 56x70 centimeters
Painting this one made me crazy for several reasons. I couldn't imagine living in this little cottage, too much gardening to do! And I couldn't control the paints or painting at all, too much detail. Leave this kind of painting for -- what's-his-name that ran away to Tahiti from his banking job? I bought some acrylics just to paint over parts of this, but I've started liking it as it is, even though it's a total mess. this painting makes me laugh.

"Cityzoom" Oil on stretched canvas 8x10 inches, 20x25 centimeters(approximate)

I put at least four hangars on back, so the painting can be turned around to look different. My abstracts never seem to look quite right.

"Heavenward Conch" Oil on stretched canvas 8x10 inches, 20x25 centimeters (approximate)

I'm on an orange kick. And I do name each painting. None of mine will be named "Untitled" Even though this image is mostly orange, one way it looks like waterfalls, another way, the sea.

"Portrait, Thanks Again" Oil on stretched canvas 8x10 inches, 20x25 centimeters (approximate)
The blue line to the right must be a perfect 'complimentry color', because from a distance, it looks like it has brown edges. And my eyes started getting funny, vibrating, while I was painting the blue line. I'm going to explore these colors for a few more paintings, an orange format, with tiny blue lines. Hmmmm.

I grow Brugmansias, Angel's Trumpets. They have a wonderful fragrance in the night. And they're the largest flowers I've ever grown.

My cat, Buzzy Black.

Wonderful Golden Rain trees by the 300 year old Moravian church.


  1. Melissa -- I really like Jungle Home... it's so full of energy. The house sits quietly in the middle of blowing branches and wildness, peeking out like through a curtain.

    I also think Portrait is striking... I didn't see the person in it at all at first. Just the shape of the lines, which are beautiful. It's a bit of an optical illusion. Funny that you had no trouble getting that blue line straight, but say you had to work at it on the ocean one (which I still enjoyed).

    I know these aren't your usual subjects, but you handled them with finesse.

  2. Thank you, Julia, for your kind and thoughtful comment.

    To paint a three inch straight line with an anchored hand is a bit easier that a 22 inch freehand line! lol. First, the horizon tilted down about five degrees, I thought, "I could name this 'the world is round, and we're sliding off'". Then the water-horizon kept creeping upward with every bump my hand made.

    Turning "Portrait" to a verticle format makes it look more like a landscape. Or some strange little animals. That is, if one must make blobs of color into something 'real'. The title just popped into my head.

  3. I love Portrait!

    Jungle Home reminds me of my parents-in-law's little home in the trees.

    Hope you get the camera housing all sorted out soon.

  4. Melissa, I love the shot of your black cat peeking from his jungle.