Friday, May 16, 2008

Salt River Marina Entrance

"Salt River Marina Entrance" Watercolor 22x28 inches

Another Friday mess! I'll wreck 52 pieces of expensive '300 pound' watercolor paper if I keep this up for a year. I think this one does indeed need tweaking, I haven't really looked at it yet.


  1. Oh, the tree and its shadows in the foreground, with a peek at what lies beyond, how lovely. You have the eye, and the painting skill for sure. I wonder, how hard is it to paint a boat???

  2. Boats are VERY difficult. Straight lines, subtle, odd curves, impossibly delicate shading, and tiny detail. I painted three boats almost in center of this painting, hahaha.

    I knew I was going to paint this view before I got there. I look for beauty if my eyes are open, it's how I choose to see the world.

    The tree is an ancient Tamarind. A flavoring for A1, Pickapepper, and --- oh, what's that other sauce?