Friday, May 16, 2008

Barred Hamlet 2

My 'base photo' for the next effort at an oil painting of a reef scene. Kind of spooky looking, hey? This place is about 90 feet deep, off Cane Bay, St Croix. I will get back to the ray painting before long.

The fish in the lower middle is a "Barred Hamlet" The stripes are generally called bars on a fish if they're verticle like on this guy.

Today the Palletteers, our plein air painting group, is meeting at Salt River Marina. So I guess tonight I'll be posting another messy, 'energetic' watercolor painting. I am miserable while doing watercolors, but I guess it's good for me. groan Boats are so very difficult to paint! Oh, ugh.

And it came to me how to get a straight horizon for future beach scenes: hold up the paper, and let a drip of paint run across it! hahahahaha!

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