Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I figured out why I haven't started on my next 'real' painting. I don't have the right paints. Maybe I have too much knowledge. "Fat over Lean" is a rule in oil painting. Some oil paints are made of pigments that absorb lots of oil to make the 'buttery' consistancy, some take a lot less. If a painting is made with lean over fat, brittle over flexible, the different drying times and qualities make the paint crack. Not something I want.

So the right paints are 'in the mail'. Be here in a few days. I almost feel sorry for the person filling my order, all the colors for underpainting are, umm, I'll be kind and say drab.


  1. So butter on top, like toast. Can't wait to see your next as work on buttering the lean. Fat paint! I like it.

  2. By Melissa! You've really been producing from the looks of your past posts! And trying different things, too!

    Hope you're having fun!