Friday, April 25, 2008

I'll be back soon

Can't believe I've neglected my poor blog for so long.

Just got the new camera, I think it's too much for me, or just not the right one, but I'm learning how to use it anyway. Haven't been in the water for so long.


  1. I'm glad you got a new camera. Can't wait to see your photos and paintings again.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Con. I'm again 'stuck', not painting. Don't know how to get going.

  3. You probably already know about this one:
    great undersea photos. I don't know if they have tips for photography, but might inspire you to get out and under with your new camera. Their photos inspired me to take another morning away for capturing images of my dry world.
    I have to go to the aquarium to get under water pics and always love to see yours, the real thing.

  4. No, haven't heard of theright blue.

    I've been to big aquariums in Scotalnd and France, and they had to tear me away! Once I start building myself a home, I plan myelf a tilapia pond on one side of the house, with the house-wall side being glass. ??? did I get across my idea? I dearly love diving, but you have only about an hour's time underwater.

    So, I'll go see if I can find at leasst a photo to put here, out of the 18,000 imaages clogging my poor computer! I don't delete, haha.

  5. That will be quite a home with a whole wall of fishes. Food and entertainment!