Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm such a beginner! Ha!

I am really stuck with this painting. It looks like confetti to me. Below is the original photo that I am working from. Blue. Divers who take photos never do this, publish blue pictures. But this is what the camera sees below about ten to fifteen feet, four or five meters, roughly. I was at about thirty five feet of depth when I took this photo.

I am closely reading and making up exercises for myself from a discussion of color by David Rourke, at:

All for now. I seem to be painting a lot of small abstracts lately. They paint themselves, so much easier, I just hold the brush and watch what the colors are doing. I'll put them on another blog, once I get a new camera. The little 'SeaLife' is broken, booo.


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  2. Thanks wireless. I really need to get a good camera, so I can keep posting!

  3. Thank you, Julia. The painting is looking like I dropped confetti all over it. But it's only half finished. Very difficult to paint from photos.