Friday, March 14, 2008

Miracle Computer

Black and white AND backwards, funny! This really is a help, thoough, as I build this beast, to analyse the composition, interest points, light and dark and contrasts. I need some things lighter, some darker. I'm using so many photos!

As I dive, I take distance scenery images, as well as specific corals, and fish that turn away just as I press the shutter button. Usually about three hundred shots per dive. I had to buy an external storage device because my poor computer was totally full, I couldn't save one more picture!

Many underwater photographers strive for "ID" pictures, flat, broadside poses so the fish don't look like they know how to move. I see this in other painter's pictures. A school of fish is sometimes one fish painted over and over. Hello? But it's so difficult as to be nearly impossible, or else there'd be lots of paintings and painters of underwater scenery.

I found that someone has the 'coral reef paintings dot com' name. Owell, that's OK. Once I decide to get enthusiastic about producing, and go commercial, IF I go commercial, just a little marketing will get me out there real quick. Too frightening right now for me. Anytime I tell someone that I now have a studio, and am painting, they immediately start in on me about exhibiting and selling. Like as if I have dozens of finished paintings laying around, and can do ten a day. I'm comfortable with only painting a wee little bit every day. I don't know why I don't paint for hours and hours.

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