Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Teenie tiny bit more

Some cerulean blue water at the top and around the edges. Anything and everything is easier to do than painting. I mowed the yard today. Grocery shopped.

Anyway, I'm really happy with this blue, am going to put on some more. It makes the painting really "pretty".

Yesterday I went diving for the first time in months. I found this exact place. Proud of me! But now the sea has gotten rough because of a storm far north in the Atlantic, at least two thousand miles away. Sending waves all the way here. For diving, there would be a lot of current, surge, which is a back-and-forth movement of water that can be quite pesky for trying to hold still to take a photo, and the visibility is probably terrible with all the sand and silt stirred up. Here are calm and rough photos, taken yesterday and today.

And one day later. Isn't there a song, "What a difference a day makes? Twenty four little hours..."
I can handle this mess if need be. But when the sea has been calm for months the sediment and fluff settles, and then on the first bumpy day the little particles get all stirred up and you can't see much. Like thick fog.

I've gotten in the water here many times over the years, since the late 1980's, maybe a couple of hundred times, right here. I'm sad that I haven't kept a log of every dive I've ever done. When I read back over the detailed logbooks that I have occasionally kept, I remember each dive like yesterday. Strange phenomenon

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  1. Hi, Melissa. Just checking back here -- love the composition on the photo at the top -- with the rays... Just beautifully organized, in terms of balance and motion. I've got a show coming up end of April -- posted one new piece to entice people -- thought you might want to see it? Best, Julia (