Friday, March 7, 2008


This could get boring, how slowly I am progressing on this painting. I am doing other paintings on the side, once they're done I'll post them.


  1. Not boring to me. I like the way you are letting your readers in on the work in its unfinished state.

  2. OK, seems much too slow to me. I had a dream that my direction was animation. Not the silly simplified Shrek kind, but the reef, eeek! Lotta work if I do that!

    And I seem to be getting amore than fifty hits a week, not bad for a totally hidden blog.

  3. Hey! Rome was not built in a day right?

    Looks good and keeps my interst. I agree with Con that as an artist, I like seeing the progression. I've tried that during a current painting, taking pics as I prgress. Then I've hit a snag, growing frustration...... so taking careful pics has gone by the wayside.

    Keep truckin'! ('!)