Sunday, February 10, 2008

White, but doesn't look this way

Here's where the camera starts playing it's tricks. The painting looks much whiter and smoother than this.

There are some flowers, and some corals, and some other things that look one way to the eye, but another to the camera. One blue pigment always photographs more purple than it is, so for paintings that are to be reproduced, this pigmant must be avoided. I think it's Prussian, but I'm probably wrong here. It's one that I've never used, anyway. My blues are Pthalo, Cerulean and Cobalt.

I was struggling with this, "It doesn't look like the photo at all", I thinking, haha. I felt the word, "Stop" inside my head, so this is it, for the sand. Thank you, Lord.

OK, you paint, get dry!

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