Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too brown

Now to slosh on more white. And TRY to make myself leave some brush strokes!

For comic releif from my fanatical, perfectionist efforts at photo realism, I also paint non-objective abstracts. Perhaps I should post some of them, but perhaps in a different blog, so as to not confuse things.

And to look for a decent easle! This wobbly thing is driving me nuts! I cannot scrub with my paint brush without the canvas going sideways, and the whole shebang slips down sometimes. Wowee. I saw one advertised a while back that is designed and built by a painter frustrated by the same problems, it cost a fortune, BUT...


  1. You could try anchoring your current easel with weights like photographers do their tripods for very long exposures or windy locations.

  2. Oh, dear, it's just a flimsy little easle. The ?little shelf that holds up the easle is kept in place with only one knob/screw thing? and I am afraid of turning it too tight and breaking it. I use pliars to tighten it!

    I do put weight on the bottom. I'll post photos of the beastie, and the REAL easle that I crave as soon as I find the beast online. Now, what was the name???

    Thanks for the suggestion, Con!