Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh, boy...

This turned out one of life's little disasters that we are supposed to learn from, I suppose. As I spent yesterday thinking about working with the Cheerios to make them into Polyps, the paint was in the meantime(mean?), sneakily drying MUCH faster that I expected. The Cheerios had a skin of dried paint over the still wet-underneath-the-thick-parts. I thought all of it, the Burnt Sienna underpainting also, would be still wet enough to work with. So, it's experiment time! Wheeee. Out on the porch for fresh air, I scrubbed with turpentine and a bristle brush, and blotted with cotton cloth. Wound up with a rather interesting abstract pattern that I'm going to go with this time. Realistic polyps next time! Still need to use a few layers of either darker or lighter washes or glazes to push the coral behind the fish. Too much in the same visual plane as is now. Not easy to bring blue foreward of warm brown. Tricks time!

A painting a day, yeh, right.

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