Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Splat, an Eagle Ray

Well, not finished, but there he is. Spent an hour on two fish in the unpainted coral, just to wipe them off. Funny how you think it'll look OK, then returning from a break I see: fish too small. So you have to just wipe out what you've just done. Seat of the pants painting! Perhaps I should back up and do some planning!!!


  1. It sounds like fun, painting. Did you ever bring back our lobster?

  2. Lobster will return. I wanted to paint this evening but my best 'girlfriend' wanted to go out to dinner. She chose a 'nice' place. $129 for burnt food and slowwww inattentive, lousy service. I wasn't surprised. -I- get to choose the restaurant next time!!!

    Shoulda stayed home and painted!

  3. We recently ate several meals at a famous luxury hotel, compliments of the company which employs my DH. A few days after we came home we ate out at a little local restaurant and had to tell the owner his food was better than five star place.
    Love seeing your paintings progress like this. Can't wait to see the next addition. Don't forget our lobster!