Sunday, February 3, 2008

Painted some last night, a big pile of Cheerios!

I think I tried to post a verticle format photo, and Blogger stretched it to fit the long horizontal. So here's part of the porch in the background! I wonder if Daily Painters have a photography studio set up for their daily posts?

A big pile of Cheerios! Eeek!

Boy, why do I do this to myself? Sometimes when I'm painting, I get so that I feel like I cannot see. Strange feeling. But tonight's effort will be to make the Cheerios look like polyps. Oboy. I hope I have a brush little enough! And, no, the fish isn't finished. Queen Angels have yellow edged scales on their sides, so I'll be painting hundreds of little yellow crescents before too long. Am I a perfectionist?? So much for my origional idea of painting a fish a day!

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