Saturday, October 4, 2008

Worry Painting

Detail, "Worry Painting"

"Worry Painting" 10x8 inches, 22x25 cm, oil on canvas

Been watching my stock portfolio too closely lately. And reading a doom book about how the Arabs are running out of oil. I am too far from friends and only have one brother. Owell, here is for painting, not groaning, and not for my astract paintings, either. Just bought a house that's going to be a pain, needs a LOT of work! Everyone I tell is so happy for me. I'm not fearful, what is the word? Strange weather coming in this morning. Ah! But I HAVE been painting, just not in a disciplined way. Sure wish I could hear music. Poor poor me! I'll delete this post in a week or so...

Thanks for being a shoulder for me to cry on.

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  1. What a delightful blog! I love your photos and underwater paintings. I think these are charming. How nice that you worry in such beautiful colors and designs.