Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Messy Blog

I had intended to join the One Painting Every Day movement.  I have lots of little canvasses waiting.  So, perhaps I'll quit hurricane cleanup and get back to painting.  My house has electricity, hooray! Six days without, but lots of people still don't have power.  Our lives are so fragile, depending so much on electricity!

This is a bit of scenery that I like.  The tall things are sponges of different types.  Out of the sea, and into air daylight, they'd be purplish grays and bright 'red wine' colors.   Let's look closely at some parts of this photo.

The orange octopus volcano sponge in the middle is-- orange. And the little fish, a Wrass, is bright yellow.
The brightest colors one sees on the reef, here in the Caribbean, are the colors of the fish.  Perhaps they're basically a little silvery under the reds and yellows, so they reflect more light?  If you dive deep, a red sponge looks black, but a red fish still looks red.  That's a Blue Head Wrass.
For a painting of this place, I'd have to change something about those sponges running up off the image.  They cut the upper half in two too much.  Maybe.

I need to go back here and see what's off in the distance, a whole two hundred feet beyond here.  Not just a blue void!  Snapper back there running away from me, believing I could have a speargun.  Fish behave much differently in places where there's no spearing allowed.
Great Star coral down in front(not a plateful of olives).  A wavy sponge, and three Mustard Hill corals beside the orange sponge.  Oh, and a purple rope sponge on the left.  And a few other animals.  None of these thingies are plants, you know!
I guess this photo is too complicated to use for a little painting, hey?  LOL
But the dive shop still doen't have electricity after the hurricane, and my tanks are empty.  Boo.  Maybe I can find one to rent---  And I'm back online at home with my computer full of photos, so at least I can post some underwater images of some kind for you.


  1. Glad to see you're alright after that hurricane. And thanks for brightening up my week with your photos! Always nice to see your finds.

  2. Blogging is strange. You never know, even with a counter, if there's anyone out there. I really will give it a go to post every day, after all, I do check a number of blogs every day myself.

    Thanks for visiting!