Friday, November 16, 2007

"Looks Is Everything"

I was on the island of Bonaire, at Bongo's, a great beach bar. I was talking to a tall, lean, 19 year old blonde Dutch girl. That's what she said, "Looks is EVERTHING!!"

Without makeup or enhancement of any kind, her posture poised and lovely, she really was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't bother to say much more to her. She mostly wanted to stand around wearing only the bottom of her bikini, apart from the crowd, with a drink in her hand talking to one man or another.

I would love to see her expression as she finds the first wrinkle, that trauma happens to all of us. I wonder if she'll age gracefully?

About a year ago, I was going to some function that required me to dress up. Sometimes I actually am able to dress up, but not much, don't worry! I got over all that when I was younger. Anyway, as I leaned over the bathroom sink, trying to make the mascara go on each spindly lash smoothely, I wished I had a vanity. I had one when I was a kid, funny little curved table with a gathered skirt. I didn't really know what a vanity was for back then, I was only nine or ten years old.

I forgot about that wish. And that's how, the books say, to recieve what you wish for. Form the thought and let it go. But, they warn, make the wish a visiualization as detailed as possible of exactly what you want, down to the last detail. I hadn't done that.

I just recently moved into this partly furnished house, and there, waiting for me was a vanity. Oh, my. What I'd had in mind was more like Guenevere's vanity, where she sat while Lancelot stood behind her brushing her hair. Rosewood, carved in grapevine and lillies and inlaid with precious pearl and abalone, polished to an intoxicating gleam. With an exquisite little chair, the silk seat finely embroidered. They began their trysts that way.

I may have learned a lesson from this. I sure hope so!!! "Looks is everything!"

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